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Graphic recording means working in the conference, workshops, meetings etc to make a live visual summary and trigger different form of interaction. While creating pictures of key ideas on the spot the whole event will be recorded in a creative and engaging images and keywords. Below is a selection of some of the events where I've worked.

Graphic facilitation at Level Up! kick-off seminar, learning in youth work, Estonia, 2015

Graphic facilitation at JobTown final conference in Brussels, 2015

Graphic recording at Erasmus+ YiA conference "Mind the gap!" in Turkey about connecting youth work and the emplyment related sector, 2014

EDUKO IDEAlaboratory about integrating contemporary art and art education in Estonia, 2014

2nd Eastern Partnerhip Youth Forum in Latvia about youth employability, 2015

aces Academy in Slovakia, 2014

8th Tool Fair in Greece, 2013

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